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24/7 Emergency Service


24/7 Emergency Service

The smallest of fires can result in extreme damage to your home and business. Particles from charred materials can attach themselves and linger to cause you long-term frustration. Odors will continue to permeate throughout your property unless the odor is contained. Recovering from a fire can be extremely stressful. The process can be long and your property often has lasting damage caused by the fire and smoke long after the fire is contained. 

Devoted Restoration will assist you from start to finish and ensure that we can return your house or building to its prior condition. Our certified, trained professionals will keep you well informed throughout the entire process and will treat your home as if it were their own.


Restoration Process

Step 1: Emergency Phone Call to Devoted

Time is of the utmost importance when it comes to fire restoration. In addition to the fire and smoke damage to your home, there can also be water damage from the sprinklers or the fire apartment extinguishing the fire. Calling Devoted Restoration as soon as your property has experienced damage can save your property and save you money.


Step 2: Assessment of the Damage 

Upon their arrival, Devoted Restoration’s fire restoration professionals will assess the damage to your home or business and make a plan for how to move forward in the restoration of your property.


Step 3: Air Filtration


After fires occur in homes and offices, the air is filled with particles that are dangerous to inhale. Devoted Restoration uses air filters that remove all particles up to .3 microns in size. This process cleans the air before the odor is contained.


Step 4: Contain the Odor


Our experts use hydroxyl generators to break down the molecular structure of the odor caused by the fire, thereby containing the odor. These units run over a period of time until the odor is neutralized.

Step 5: Pack out the Salvageable Content for Contents Cleaning

After deodorization, materials will be removed and either sent to contents cleaning, or thrown out if they are unsalvageable. Materials like cabinets, walls, and personal items closest to the fire are often beyond saving, but Devoted Restoration will save anything that can be restored.

Step 6: Smoke Damage Cleaning and Restoration


During the cleanup process, our trained employees will use a variation of cleaning agents, air filters, and professional methods to remove all damaged parts of your property. After the cleaning process is finished, we will begin restoring your property to its previous condition begins.


27/7 Emergency Service
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Restoration Process
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