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Non-Invasive Leak Detection Technology

We understand that unnecessary destruction to your home or office can be costly. Our professionals will quickly and proficiently locate the water leak so the damage can be stopped or prevented. We utilize thermal imaging cameras and non-invasive water leak detection technology to eliminate aimlessly hunting in walls for a leak.


When it comes to water leaks, Devoted Restoration has up-to-date technology and techniques to find the most invasive water leaks, no matter the location. 


Common Signs of a Leak

Water leaks often come from pipes that are concealed behind walls or underground, this makes it difficult to discover, much less treat, the leak. Knowing the signs of a water leak beforehand may be the key to catching it before tremendous damage is done to your home.  


Signs you may have a water leak:


  • High water bill 

  • Dripping sounds 

  • Bumps or cracks in ceilings or floors 

  • Visible signs of water damage

  • Musty smell


Risks of Untreated Water Leak



Water leaks are often the catalyst for much bigger problems. What starts as a slow drip can quickly transform into mold growth and damaged ceiling, flooring, or walls.


Another possibility that you risk is structural damage to your home. Floors, ceilings, and the structural foundation of your property can all take time to repair. Devoted Restoration uses advanced methods to locate these leaks non-invasively and works to repair the damage in your home.


If you suspect there is a leak in your home, call an expert from Devoted Restoration! 


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